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Top 4 SEO Tips for Profile Pages on Internet Listing Sites

In today’s digital landscape, Internet Listing Sites (ILS) have pretty much become the new yellow pages – but infinitely better. Not only can they show your brand to users searching for solutions, but the best ones are niche and targeted specifically to your audience!

Often, though, it can seem challenging to stand out amongst competitors on an ILS.

Here are 4 easy ways you can use the power of SEO to make your listing stronger:

1) Content, Content, Content
Search engines love absorbing creative, unique and relevant content to help searchers find what they are searching for. I purposefully use the word “search” so many times, because that is the ultimate goal with SEO. To be the best in search!

Which makes another point… search engines HATE it when you over stuff your copy content with keywords – especially a single focus keyword. This is known as keyword padding or keyword stuffing. If the focus keyword of this post was “search”, that would be strike 1 against us in the battle for that top position for the term. (begin sarcasm) Because no one else is keyword targeting the keyword “search”… (end sarcasm)

Just like grade school teachers, Search Engine bots will still grade you factoring in grammar and readability. Scoring high in the Flesch-Kincaid readability test can be a great test of this for SEO.

Learn more about Flesch-Kincaid readability test here.

Does your overview or about section of your profile have at least 300-500 words? If not, try to get to that word count without keyword padding or turning your content into a ramble.

2) Inbound/Outbound Links
Are you linking to your website, social media or other web resources relative to your brand on your internet listing’s profile page? Taking advantage of outbound links is something that will improve changes of your profile listing, as well as the ILS, higher in relative searches.

Are there other websites linking to your profile page? Even if it’s just your own – that’s a good start! Reach out to those you work with, partner with, or just have a great relationship with to get links to your profile page (or even your website) on their content elsewhere.

And return the favor! The more this becomes practice, the higher value your brand will have on the search engine playing fields.

3) Pictures
This is just a good, go-to tip for ILS profiles.

Pictures matter…in search and in consideration. If your picture quality is lackluster, especially against competition and neighbor listings, it can affect the decision making that could have brought you more business.

Image searches are also starting to become a inquiry all their own. They can also help break up long content on websites, and this helps the readability (see Tip 1). Can those pictures link to another website (see Tip 2)?

File names of the pictures also matter. Even if it’s just to show up higher in branded searches, name your file using “name-of-your-company-maybe-include-keyword.jpg” format as a title (see Tip 4). This will help any image searches as well as your keyword strength.

Also ask the ILS if they are utilizing alt tags on their images. If not, this can not only be hurting you – but also them.

4) Titles Matter
Often, this will be the name of your brand. Most listing sites have a format for all their advertisers. “Name (title), Phone Number, Email, etc.” A misspelling, a keyword pad, or just a non-descriptive title can not only hurt you, but also the ILS.

We’ll be including more helpful tips on our blog here at rossmediasolutions.com. Check back often or subscribe for updates!