UTM Codes and Trackability

Bit.ly, Ow.ly, and other URL shorteners seem to be turning into a thing of the past. They were (and still are) a decent and reasonable way of tracking, but the emergence and popularity of UTM code links are my preference of the batch.

The tie-in with Google products, especially Google Analytics, make this uniform tracking link especially appealing. Clients have generally adapted quickly to finding the custom “campaign” name in their analytics. It’s a genuine great measurement of traffic.

As with all digital marketing, there is a wonderful reliance on trackability. Depending on your KPI metrics, there could be a lot of information in the UTM code that could show the performance in a campaign. Everything from success to optimization can be measured by simply starting with implementing a UTM strategy plan.

You can either write these by hand, or you can look up a UTM code generator. One of my favorites and go-to UTM builders for convenience is this one.

How are you tracking your digital campaigns?

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