The Basic Guide to Geo-Fencing

What if you could hire someone to go visit a competitor’s location and walk up to their visitors, suggesting they consider you in their buying decision? Of course you wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t do that…

Or, what if your market research shows that your target audience visits a local grocery store an average of twice per week?

Geo-fence them and show them targeted display ads on their mobile devices! Geo-Fencing technology traces the perimeter of a business, or area, and then sets visitors into an eligible list to display targeted ads to. And they fit your perfect audience profile.

It can even choose what days, or even time of day, to select users who visit that location. Maybe your target audience meets at the local Panera every Wednesday morning between 10am-11am? Those are the users you would want to hand select to get your message to.

With this cool and slightly too-smart-for-comfort technology, less ad dollars are going to waste. By placing a conversion fence, say around YOUR store, track how successful the campaign was. Find out the specific number of people who visited your geo-fenced location, saw a display ad, and then came to see you.

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