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Branding and marketing are important, ongoing needs for any business. New technologies, including podcasts, have expanded ways to reach new and existing customers and clients. This article shares eight ways a podcast can benefit senior service businesses. Later, we’ll offer tips on creating a podcast.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are like old-time radio shows. They may contain comedy, drama, music, and news and information – like “Fibber McGee and Molly,” “The Shadow,” “The Eddie Arnold Show,” and FDR’s fireside chats. The most significant difference is availability. For the old-time shows, families would gather around a radio at just the right time to catch their favorite shows. While many podcasts air on a radio station, they are also available on demand. They can be accessed whenever, on smartphones and tablets – including Apple and Android devices – virtual personal assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, and on computers.

Half of all U.S. households are home to podcast fans – that’s more than 60 million households. According to recent reports, 68 million people listen to podcasts weekly; 16 million listeners identify as “avid podcast fans.” People of all ages listen to podcasts regularly. Of total podcast listeners, 48% are 12 to 34 years old; 32% are 35 to 54 years old; and 20% are 55 or older. That’s a lot of listeners, in all age groups!

The numbers are growing, too, making this audio platform a prime vehicle for spreading your business name and reaching potential and existing customers and clients.

Podcast statistics

8 ways a podcast can benefit senior service businesses

Advantages of podcasting range from the measurable – such as real income – to immeasurable but invaluable – such as branding, networking, and relationship building.

1. Podcasting builds your brand.

Many decades ago, businesses relied on traditional means of marketing their business: media advertising, mail, brick-and-mortar placement, walk-in traffic, word of mouth, etc. The 21st century offers new digital solutions such as targeted digital display, digital advertising, content blogs, and podcasting.

Podcast benefits are similar to blog benefits. Both allow you to communicate your knowledge and expertise, hence to build your credibility. You can share advice, industry insights, tips, and specific work-related experiences – all of which showcase your knowledge. Senior service businesses may want to also highlight virtues such as community, empathy, inclusivity, faith, etc.

“If you’re a business in an industry that has a high customer value, then a podcast may be one of your most effective education and marketing tools,” says Spencer Shaw, founder of the podcast production firm PodKick Media told Forbes.

2. Podcasting provides a more personal connection.

When someone hears your voice on a podcast, you – and the business you represent – become more familiar, approachable, and trustworthy. This can be helpful in attracting new customers and clients and in building rapport with current ones.

Podcasts are also perfect for storytelling, such as interviewing community residents or staff, which helps make meaningful connections.

3. Podcasting helps you reach potential new customers and clients.

A podcast reaches a different audience from the people reached in other advertising and marketing campaigns. Hosting platforms include podcasts in their listings and searches, giving you added exposure.

In addition, podcasts frequently benefit from word-of-mouth sharing. Podcast listeners are just that passionate!

4. Podcasting offers a back-end connection opportunity.

Bringing guests onto your podcast offers a dual benefit. First, you offer a richer experience for listeners. At the same time, you build and strengthen connections with your guests.

A senior residential community can engage the residents, too, from informal interviews to recorded performances. The hams on your campus will love it!

5. Podcasts provide social media fodder.

For some businesses, coming up with regular social media posts can be challenging. Podcasts give you an opportunity to announce what’s coming, share once it’s posted, and revisit in the future. The ideas that arise in the podcast can be used in social media, too.

Better yet, by tagging your guests and encouraging cross-promotion, you will reach new eyes and ears.

6. Podcasts can be produced on a shoestring.

Equipment and platforms for producing and showcasing podcasts can be surprisingly inexpensive, from a “studio” in an office or other quiet room to basic recording equipment for taking the show to resident events and outings.

7. Podcasts can increase website content and traffic.

You can mine the content in your podcasts for blog copy, in the form of informational articles or – even easier – interview Q&As. Effective transcription software makes this a snap! On each podcast, you can refer readers to your website for more information on the topic: photos, extended interviews, product links, etc. Increasing content and engagement can benefit SEO.

8. You can enjoy the process!

Once you get the hang of it, making a podcast can be both beneficial and fun.

Podcasts are merely one of many ways to promote your business in today’s technology-rich environment. Ross Media Solutions can be your partner in many of these avenues for marketing and advertising. RMS has been producing niche media and digital marketing for 20 years and is eager to take your business to the next level.

Coming next: The how-to’s of creating and sharing a podcast

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