5 Free Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

By Chad Smith, Digital Marketing Associate @ RMS
Chad Smith, SEO/SEM Nerd, Google Ads Specialist.

Digital marketing is essential for every small business because it can increase brand awareness and build a pipeline of leads that turn into sales. However, promoting your small business can be a challenge when you have a tight marketing budget. What can you do to maximize your budget and yield the best results? Here are 5 free tips you can implement to fuel your business’s success:

Apply for a Small Business Loan

Raising capital is a necessary first step for most people starting a business. One source worth considering is the Small Business Administration, which offers three types of loans: 7(a), 504, or a Microloan (exclusively for loans under $50,000). Another path you can take for raising capital is by pitching to venture capitalists or angel investors, research firms and people to whom you can propose your business plan to see if they are willing to invest in your venture. Before you pitch to an investor, here is a handy guide for materials you will need to craft your pitch.

Get the Word Out with “Help A Reporter Out (HARO)”

Help A Reporter Out is a useful PR tool that saves you a lot of time. Instead of looking for sites and writers to pitch the story of your business to, HARO gives you the ability to pitch your story to respected journalists in your industry space and to potentially publish it directly to your audience. You can access this service by signing up for a free account or choosing a different tier for more capabilities. When it comes to delivering your first message to your audience, consider using this tool before investing your advertising budget toward TV and radio ads.

Be Active and Present on Social Media

Most businesses harness the power of social media. A social media platform can give you immense visibility and a free way to drive web traffic to your business online if you know how to use it effectively. Not only are you simply signing up for a platform, but you are securing digital real estate on the internet just by entering your Name, Address, and Place (NAP). Doing the opposite – not being active on social media or leveraging its free services – limits your visibility and interaction on the web. More than two-thirds of consumers say that social media allows them to connect and interact with brands. Sitting on the bench is not an option. Be active and stay active on social media!

Partner Up

Operating solo as an entrepreneur can only get you so far. At some point you will have to collaborate with someone. Partnering has multiple meanings: you can partner with influencers, host co-op events with other entrepreneurs, hop on a podcast, or look for guest blogging opportunities. What do you think your first partnership will look like?

Hire A Freelance Marketer

Finding a freelance marketer is a budget-friendly method for getting your small business in position to take off! Where do you find one, and how do you hire one? Start by checking out online freelancing hubs like Fiverr and Upwork. Be sure to also post job ads on remote work job boards. Go beyond Indeed, as it will limit your talent pool to just your local area. Setting aside a small budget to hire a freelancer can certainly help with improving marketing metrics you care about.

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