An assisted living community was tasked by corporate owners to develop a social media presence, with limited staff to oversee and maintain it. Before we stepped in, they didn’t have one at all.

The Business & the Strategy

According to the client, families of residents who lived away were looking for different methods to connect. In this situation, we thought of several ways that social media could help bridge the gap between loved ones.

Data revealed that the number of adults using social media, ages 50 and older, has been sharply on the rise. This statistic most applies to Facebook, which has seen a 25% growth between 2012-2018. We worked to establish a strong Facebook presence for the assisted living community, along with a Google+ account.

And in addition to social media, we registered and worked with the community to authenticate their appearance on Google’s My Business.


Through our strategy, we were able to establish the community’s brand across several major relevant platforms. We also partnered with the community’s activity coordinator for ongoing content development.

The community’s online footprint continues to grow, and the owners are more than pleased.