Bremo Pharmacy, a local business based in Richmond, Virginia, needed to increase the number of applicants for their in-house Pharmacy Tech classes. Potential students were largely unaware of these educational services.


The existing social media campaigns were not effectively reaching people interested in pursuing pharmacy technician training. Bremo Pharmacy needed a strategy to raise awareness and target the appropriate niche audience.


Ross Media Solutions, in collaboration with the in-house Bremo team, devised a two-pronged approach to address the challenge:

Programmatic Display:

  • Utilized digital display advertising to educate a niche audience about the availability of Pharmacy Tech classes.
  • Geofenced local community colleges and technical training centers to target individuals focused on career development training.

Google AdWords Campaign:

  • Launched a Google AdWords campaign to reach people actively searching for classes in Richmond.
  • Ensured that the ad content emphasized the availability and benefits of Bremo Pharmacy’s Pharmacy Tech classes.


The implemented strategy led to significant positive outcomes:

Increased Applications and Assessments:

  • Witnessed a substantial increase in the number of applications and assessments for the Pharmacy Tech classes.

Partnership Opportunities:

  • Received outreach from a local community college interested in partnering with Bremo Pharmacy to offer classes.
  • This not only validated the success of the strategy but also opened up wider recruitment avenues.

Halo Effects:

  • The heightened visibility positively impacted the overall business and led to higher online sales of ancillary products and services.


“I’ve been working with the Ross Media team for a few months, and we’ve had an amazing turnaround!”

  • Meredy Ayers, Bremo Pharmacy


The collaboration between Bremo Pharmacy and the RMS team showcased the effectiveness of a well-planned and targeted digital marketing strategy. By combining programmatic display advertising with Google AdWords campaigns, Bremo Pharmacy not only addressed the immediate challenge of filling Pharmacy Tech classes but also achieved broader business benefits through increased brand exposure and collaboration opportunities. The case highlights the importance of understanding the target audience and deploying tailored strategies to meet specific business goals.