A plumbing company was marketing their website on Google, but felt dissatisfied with the results that they were getting. We needed to figure out a way to create a more eye-catching ad that would pull in more traffic to their website and ultimately create more business for their company.


We put together a Google Search campaign that was more user-friendly and captivating to potential clients. Our redesigned campaign utilized compelling creative messaging to procure people’s attention, and sitelink extensions to get them onto the company’s website. Furthermore, we set up a portion of the ad that let mobile users click to call.

We also designed a unique landing website which strengthened their web presence and featured a responsive design, providing quick assistance to customers browsing on mobile.


Keeping a close watch on keyword prices and search volume, we were able to keep the cost-per-click (CPC) low, while maintaining a visible first page presence – altogether outpacing multiple aggressive competitors.

Measuring phone calls as conversions, the client was thrilled with the number of calls received and online inquiries, which resulted in a much higher-than-average volume of service calls.