Rock Castle Insurance, a Virginia-based insurance company, had tried many types of marketing and advertising to generate Medicare sign-up leads during the short enrollment window.


The business already had a brand presence in the Richmond area, but they needed more leads from the Hampton Roads area as they expanded eastward.


Ross Media Solutions, in collaboration with the Rock Castle team, devised a two-pronged approach to address the challenge:

1.  Programmatic display:

  • We used digital display advertising to inform a targeted audience about the upcoming enrollment window.
  • We supported that with a strong demographic targeting tactic to hit the relevant age group in the appropriate income bracket.

2.  Google AdWords campaign:

  • We launched a Google AdWords campaign to reach people who were actively searching for Medicare in Tidewater.
  • We used ad content that emphasized the urgency to enroll now.


The implemented strategy led to significant positive outcomes:

Increased applications and appointments:

  • Rock Castle Insurance witnessed a substantial increase in the number of applications and appointments for its agents in Tidewater.

Halo effects:

  • The heightened visibility positively impacted the overall business, which can lead to higher sales of ancillary products and services.


“This is the best advertising we have done, way better than TV!”

– Paul Sudduth, Rock Castle Insurance


The collaboration between Rock Castle and the RMS team showcased the effectiveness of a well-planned targeted digital Lead-Gen marketing strategy. By combining programmatic display advertising with Google AdWords campaigns, Rock Castle not only addressed the immediate challenge of generating leads in the Hampton Roads region but also achieved broader business benefits through increased brand exposure and insurance opportunities. The case highlights the importance of understanding the target audience and deploying professional, tailored strategies to meet specific business goals.