As a small-town legal firm with a huge desire to help clients, Gayheart & Willis PC in Culpeper, Virginia, wanted to make sure that people knew of their services and their eagerness to help. “Our primary goal was to increase business,” recalls Megan Coppage, “to increase visibility and name recognition through saturation.” They partnered with our team to reach that goal. To provide digital marketing for a law firm, Ross Media Solutions used targeted digital display programmatic marketing.


Gayheart & Willis provides a wide range of legal services, including traffic and criminal cases, divorce and custody, and personal injury, to individuals and businesses in Culpeper and the surrounding communities. Based on the firm’s needs, services, and location, RMS recommended targeted digital display (TDD) as the best way to reach potential clients.

Sometimes called programmatic, TDD uses automation to serve up advertisements. Targeted refers to ads that can target or focus on specific people – in this case, those who might need the services provided by Gayheart & Willis. Digital refers to advertising on digital platforms such computers, tablets, and smartphones. Display indicates that these ads will be displayed – showcased – where the targeted audience will see them.

Ross Media Solutions uses several distinct methods of programmatic marketing, including:

  • Contextual targeting: people who visit a website that is relevant to your business will be served your ad.
  • Search targeting: people who use your business’s keywords in online searches will be served your ad.
  • Geofencing: people who go to a certain predetermined physical location will see your ad on their digital device.

These tactics ensure that your ad will be seen by people who have an interest in your products or services – thus, the tactics are “targeted.”

For Gayheart and Willis, these tactics provide effective digital marketing for a law firm.


Once the firm decided to work with Ross Media Solutions, the RMS team went to work.

Gayheart & Willis wanted to focus on marketing personal injury legal services. We know digital marketing – they know their business … so we worked together to determine:

  • Keywords relevant to the business. Someone who needs a personal injury attorney, for example, might be searching for injury, accident, collision, body shop, liability, etc.
  • Places to target through geofencing. For example, we could target local body shops and emergency rooms.
  • Ads. Our graphic design department worked with Gayheart & Willis to create compelling ads, sized for a variety of digital platforms.

Then, the digital team did their backend magic to make it all happen. These digital wizards put a geofence around targeted locations to ensure that when people’s smartphones, tablets, etc. enter these locations, the ad would display. They ensured necessary tracking would take place, so potential Gayheart & Willis clients would see the ads and so that RMS and Gayheart & Willis could view the campaign metrics.

TDD tactics summary

Once a campaign begins, RMS sends a monthly report to clients. In just one month, March 2021, Gayheart & Willis saw the following benefits of their digital campaign:


Total Impressions




Click-Through Rate (CTR)


View throughs

Geo fence conversion summary

Once a campaign begins, RMS sends a monthly report to clients. In just one month, March 2021, Gayheart & Willis saw the following benefits of their digital campaign:


Total Impressions




Geo Conversions

The Bottom Line

The report digs deeper, too, sharing total impressions and clickthrough rate of each tactic; impressions, clicks, and CTR at each geo-fence location; and the CTR for each ad.

As fascinating as these statistics are, the most important measurement is business success. And since the firm began using Ross Media Solution as part of their marketing strategy, Coppage reports, “Our case load has gone from about 15 ongoing cases at any given time to over 55.”

She adds, “I appreciate my representative. He is professional and very responsive with questions and explanations. I often have no idea about marketing lingo. He is good to offer suggestions and explanations and results!”