A local student housing community was struggling with a surplus of empty apartments. They launched a batch of move-in deals to try to pick up business, but even those were suffering from a lack of exposure. In order to get more attention for our client, we knew it was about more than just spreading the word; the key was getting the message to the right people.


We took the student housing community’s move-in specials and brought them front and center to an audience looking for off-campus housing. We geo-fenced the two area college campuses, and, because the offer was such a uniquely valuable one, we ensured that all creative featured this aspect.

Based on the younger on-the-go audience, we heavily focused the campaign on mobile devices. We were able to cross reference devices, and also target ads to show up while students were on their laptops.


Using geo-fencing technology, keyword search ads, and targeted digital display, we were able to disseminate the news of the move-in deals to users in high-traffic shopping areas and the residents and guests of nearby similar apartment communities.

With that increased exposure, the apartment community saw a surge of new tenants from the move-in promotion.



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